dooType is a Brazilian type foundry established by Eduilson Wessler Coan. Our work spans both retail and bespoke projects and our goal is to design contemporary typefaces with unique features of the highest quality.
Retail Projects
With more than 5 years of experience in the retail market, including 13 fonts released and partnership projects (Accura, Sica & Très Très Chic), we feel very pleased with our library of fonts. From such experience we also aim to share our knowledge and learnings with other type designers. Our goal is to keep growing in the coming years but to never lose our high standard of design and quality.
Custom Projects
Over the past few years we have developed some incredible custom projects in Brazil. The Unimed type system was our first bespoke project. Unimed is the biggest Health Insurance company of Brazil and we worked hard with them for about 5 months to develop three font families that include display and text typefaces. This project was quite laborious but resulted in a family of amazing fonts that our client is extremely happy with.
Another amazing project we worked on was a partnership with Gustavo Soares (ttid.com.br) to create the new typeface for Veja Magazine – Brazil’s leading weekly news magazine with a circulation of 1.4 million per week. Veja Serif font is a body text family with three weights and a exceptional look and feel.
Tipos Latinos Biennial
Tipos latinos is the most important typographic event in Latin America and we are proud to be part of it over the years with the following projects: